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San Diego DUI Lawyer

A San Diego DUI attorney can help defend you against a DUI conviction to achieve the best possible outcome.  If you have been arrested for a San Diego DUI it is critical that you quickly consult an experienced San Diego DUI attorney.  We work aggressively to save your drivers license and avoid penalties.  There are several ways to avert DUI charges and strive to get the case dismissed.  Contact us today to go over your options, we offer a FREE consultation.

San Diego DUI AttorneySan Diego DUI laws are very harsh and can drastically effect your life if you are faced with DUI penalties. Penalties can vary depending on the circumstances of your case. The penalties for a first time offense will commonly result in the loss of your drivers license for a minimum of four months, fines of $1,500 or more, community service, and enrollment in a DUI educational program. Individuals facing a second or third offense, or of causing an accident where injuries occurred, will face much more severe penalties.  Moreover, penalties can be increased depending on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the time of the offense. Regardless of the individual circumstances surrounding your case or whether you have prior convictions, it is very important you consult a San Diego DUI lawyer. Even though you may feel helpless, there are applicable defenses which may be used to avoid a conviction.

If you choose not to use a San Diego DUI lawyer and plead "guilty" or "no contest", generally you can expect to pay over $10,000 in the next three years for your DUI conviction. Please be smart about your choice.  We understand how stressful facing DUI charges is, which is why we focus on helping you get past your DUI and get your life back on track.


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